Just Right Books/Silent Reading Time

Just Right Books

The small bags you purchased will be used to store your child's just right books.  Why do we call them just right books?  I'm glad you asked. smiley

Kids need to read books that they can both decode (read the words) and comprehend (understand the meaning). Teachers call this a “just right” book, or a book that is at the child's independent reading level. 


*Many students can read (decode) books at a higher level, but they are not able to understand or successfully answer critical thinking questions while referencing the book. 


When we do the state-mandated reading tests at the beginning, middle and end-of-year, you will be notified of your child's reading level and these will be the books they receive to read at home.  I usually include a couple of books below and above the "independent reading level".  The harder books she only be read when you as the parent can assist the child.


Students enjoy reading from our classroom library and silent reading time is something we observe on a daily basis.  Please be sure your child comes to school prepared by reminding your child that the bag of books travels back and forth in their backpack daily.  Of course we all forget things from time to time, but it’s never too early to teach responsibility

It is a major disruption for a student to get up a choose books during our silent reading time. When one student decides to get up, a number of students usually follow.  We are all actively working to teach responsibility.